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“Or we could just ensure women Constitutional Equality! @theGOPstoppers @Marmel @ERAAction

Inspiration beyond belief. I wish most people would take this in consideration. Considering, most people are selfish and too ignorant to care about anyone other than themselves.

It's odd too that hundreds of economists back Bernie Sanders, while the DNC, Wall Street, Big Oil & Gas, Wal-Mart, Monsanto & all the corporate fat cats back Clinton SEEMS ALL OF THOSE DISASTROUS TRADE DEALS, WALL STREET SPEECHES & CORPORATE LOYALTIES ARE ALIVE & WELL. My VOTE GOES TO BERNIE.... HE CAN'T BE BOUGHT. #OnlySanders. #BernieOrBust. #NotMeUs. #NeverHillary. #NoMoreClintons.

Mass Incarceration In America due largely to the failed war on drugs, private for profit prisons & the 3 strikes law. All have one thing in common, the Clinton Administration. #NoMoreClintons. #Freedom. #Justice. #Vote4Bernie for sane drug laws & criminal justice reform. #OnlySanders. #FuelTheBern.

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The 50 Best Signs From #OccupyWallStreet

Dr. Cornel West Endorses Bernie Sanders For President, Economic Equality & World Peace.#UniteBlue. #Bernie2016. #EndTheOligarchy. #StopWars.