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I really don't know that I have anything to say about the above. It's self-explanatory. David Gershon: When the...

Gov. Scott Walker seeks to fund study on 'health impacts' of wind power

Federal lawsuit filed against Kansas Secretary of State for massive voter registration purge

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MissR*EVOLutionaries on

1/20/15 President Barack Obama delivers his 6th State of the Union. #SOTU2015 #EqualPay

Who caused the deficit?? Self-serving republicans who continue their myopia against America's most vulnerable!

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Bernie Sanders! Congrats on Iowa Caucuses!!! #Bern.

It's odd too that hundreds of economists back Bernie Sanders, while the DNC, Wall Street, Big Oil & Gas, Wal-Mart, Monsanto & all the corporate fat cats back Clinton SEEMS ALL OF THOSE DISASTROUS TRADE DEALS, WALL STREET SPEECHES & CORPORATE LOYALTIES ARE ALIVE & WELL. My VOTE GOES TO BERNIE.... HE CAN'T BE BOUGHT. #OnlySanders. #BernieOrBust. #NotMeUs. #NeverHillary. #NoMoreClintons.

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The 50 Best Signs From #OccupyWallStreet

Dr. Cornel West Endorses Bernie Sanders For President, Economic Equality & World Peace.#UniteBlue. #Bernie2016. #EndTheOligarchy. #StopWars.