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Papri Chaat, Paapri Chaat or Papdi Chaat is a Pakistani and north Indian fast food. Chaat, an Indo-Aryan word which literally means lick, is used to describe a range of snacks and fast food dishes; papri refers to crisp fried dough wafers made from refined white flour and oil. #Indianweddingcaterers #Asianweddingcaterers #indianweddingcatering

Imam Ali (A.S.) وَمَا كُلُّ ذِي قَلْب بَلَبِيب، وَلاَ كُلُّ ذِي سَمْع بِسَمِيع، وَلاَ كُلُّ ذِي نَاظِر بِبَصِير

"Ya Allah, do not make this Dunya our biggest concern." Ameen.. 'Amr Ibn Abdullah (radiyallahu anhu) said: “The life of this world and the Hereafter, in the heart of a person, are like the two scales of a balance, when the one becomes heavier the other becomes lighter.” Al-Hasan Al-Basri was asked: “Who is going to cry more than the others on the Day of Resurrection?” He answered: “A man on whom Allah has bestowed His Grace and who uses that for Allah’s disobedience.”

Barefoot Bride by the Beach…

LOVE the simplicity and the lace. don't like the baby's breath. just a bow would be fine

change that I have to make: try and eat olive oil (first by eating it in a dish and eventually [InShaAllah] eating it on its own)