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Love this watch <3

Love this watch

Oh, she forgot one thing. It smells like a dead person is rotting inside of you and the amount of perfumes and body mists able to cover that odor will never exist. Give this story to people that say periods are never as bad as it comes off that they are.

The most accurate definition of periods EVER. Every guy should be forced to read this, to understand a girl's pain. This girl deserves an award.

Period at the grocerry store, my kind of sick humor

Period at the grocerry store

Bahaha this is so funny! Now i know how to create a distraction next time I get my period xD!

Monthly vacation?? Yes. It's not too much to ask for is it?

A free hotel for ladies on their period. Why aren't we funding this?

SO true it's not even funny.

I need a vacation. And by 'vacation' I mean I need to move away and find a new job. On a beach. With rum. a permanent staycation somewhere new. with lots and LOTS of rum.

Tom what's his name?

Went to the bank to open a joint account. They asked, & Whom?& I said & ever has the most money.