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Underground dwelling o/t Tuatha d Danaan or- "Children f Danu", mythological mother goddess o/t Irish Celts. Fairy folk like Leprechauns inhabit these places, particularly under th burial aka fairy mounds

Pacific Northwest Forest. Green evergreen trees, cold morning,

Early mornings have a bad reputation. Nobody wants to wake up early. But then that’s modern living, I guess.

Finnich Glen, Loch Lomond, Scotland

Visiting Scotland this year? well you will want after seeing these incredible photos. Here are 15 places you need to visit if you go to Scotland.The Quiraing

Iglesia en el bosque

Old church in an abandoned coal mining town. This is St. John's Baptist Church in Stotesbury, West Virginia. What an awesome house that would be !

abandoned gothic house

50+ Abandoned Buildings That Time Has Forgotten

Dama de negro

Abandoned Gothic mansion in would fix this place up. It's probably really cool inside

A Cloud of Illuminated Balloons Suspended Inside Covent Garden by Charles Pétillion - love all the art exhibits that take place in classic and popular London spots.

Houses aren't built like this anymore.  Love the exposed brick and curved windows.

Love the exposed brick and curved windows. - Amazing ceiling color and texture .

I would probably be too scared to live here but none the less it's still interesting looking.

The Walter B. Palmer House, (Ottawa, Illinois) completed around An example of design from the periodical "American Homes". George F. Needs some fixing up, but look at the splendid details.

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