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In a 2017 issue of Nature Chemical Biology, researchers announced that they may have found a reliable and inexpensive way to create large quantities of spider silk. You see, spider silk starts as a liquid protein solution, only turning into its super-strong final product after entering a narrow duct where the spider's acidic silk glands turn it into a solid fiber. Anna Rising and Jan Johansson at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala mimicked this process.
The Magic of Spider Silk, Composites, and Printed & Embedded Electronics. We dive deep with Andrew Dent of Material ConneXion in this great episode of Materialbizshow (w/hosts Samanta Cortes, Robert Sanchez, & Stephanie Benedetto).
Scientists have succeeded in combining spider silk with graphene and carbon nanotubes, a composite material five times stronger that can hold a human, which is produced by the spider itself after it drinks water containing the nanotubes. : Futurology
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Making composite isotropic films of CNF (90%) and silk (10%)
Scientists have spiders producing enhanced web that can hold a human...
WOLFGANG KUMM/AFP/Getty Images   by Nate Church31 Aug 20170 				31 Aug, 201731 Aug, 2017  Researchers in the United Kingdom and Italy have developed a method that causes spiders to produce silk that is five times stronger than its already legendary toughness. Spider silk is already...
Spiders that are fed with graphene produce silk that's five times stronger and can carry a human #science #tech #technews