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oh the Browns out for a walk

Mom I am up here – The baby turtle gets curious, but wants to tell its mother its still with her.

African Sulcata Giant Tortoise Hatchlings!

African Sulcata Tortoise Hatchlings Pose For Family Portrait

These are a few of some 45 hatchlings from the Linton Zoological Gardens in the UK. They are African Sulcata Giant Tortoises, also knowns as Spurred Tortoises -- the third largest tortoise in the world, second only to the Galapagos.

2 headed turtle

LA CABEZA Janus, the Two-Headed Tortoise ~ is a Greek Tortoise, named after the two-headed Roman God.


Art Encuentran cra de tortuga con dos cabezas en Jupiter Island, Florida - Two-headed turtle: Hatchling found on northern Jupiter Island animales-marinos

Albino turtle. Its shell is beautiful.

Albino baby turtle,khram island,thailand a thai navy holds a baby albino turtle at the NAVY's conservation center,about 15000 green sea and hawk's bill turtles are hatched and raised here annually untill they become old enough to be released in the sea

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they're tiny turtles. i already died. second, they're teenage mutant ninja turtle babies. i'm in love. But there is no green teenage muntant ninja turtle.

Scaley critters can be cute, too!

17 pics of scaley cuteness