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more umbrella's.I really hate rain so not sure why i have a thing for umbrella's. Maybe it's BECAUSE I really hate rain

Find out which god, out of the 7 Olympians is your father!

Which Greek God Is Your Father?

In Greek mythology, Bolbe (Greek: Βόλβη) was an extremely beautiful Lake Goddess or Nymph who dwelled in a Thessalian lake of the same name (modern Lake Volvi). She was the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys. Like other lake Gods and Goddesses, Bolbe's offspr


I enjoyed sitting in front of my window watching the rain fall while listening to music while the storm passed.


Bokeh in photography means out of focus light in circles or other shapes. Bokeh Pictures look very beautiful due to the pleasant effects they create.

-I THIRST FOR GOD, THE LIVING GOD...  facebook.com/jesusisalifestyle

Let it rain, let it rain. Open the floodgates of Heaven. We feel the rains of your love. We feel the wind of your Spirit. And now the heartbeat of Heaven let us hear.

Romanos 1:17

The idea that there is a trade-off between growth and going green is pernicious and false. Experience demonstrates time and time again that greater wealth creation and a better quality of life for all go hand in hand.Soft summer rain in the forest

En la vida lo que hagas, siempre marca la diferencia!!

reflection / the literal mirror image of an object on a surface and also the more conceptual idea of balancing elements within a design. Or let go and feel the beauty of this image.


Romantic photos of kissesin the rain . Romantic photos of kisses in the rain ,Chinadaily Forum