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Wistful Country Mamma

One little duck went out to play ,Over the river and faraway.Momma duck said :QUACK ,QUACK ,QUACK . One little duck came runing back!

Good Morning Ya'll Wistful Country Mamma

Rooster in Spring Green. ****I would love to have a little farm, equipped with my own alarm clock, a beautiful Rooster!

Wistful country mamma

Beautiful Palomino Gypsy, especially the blaze down it's face and the way all of it's hair is flowing.

Wistful country mamma

Knock, Knock: A cat attempts to catch a small songbird inside a birdhouse on a farm near Roseburg, Ore. The bird escaped from the cat this time.


Funny pictures about A true friendship. Oh, and cool pics about A true friendship. Also, A true friendship.

Country Mamma

Chickens at the cottage - love the flowers in that jug, the sweet chair and the cute chook!