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February 16th - St. Gilbert of Sempringham: He was the only Englishman to found a conventual order, mainly because the Abbot of Cîteaux declined his request to assist him in organising a group of women who wanted to live as nuns, living with lay brothers and sisters, in 1148.In the end he founded a double monastery of canons regular and nuns.

February 10th - St. Scholastica: Scholastica is the foundress of the women's branch of Benedictine Monasticism. Scholastica is the patron saint of nuns, and convulsive children, and is invoked against storms and rain.

St. Anthony of Padua -- Anthony was a child who grew up with riches, but he chose to live as St. Francis did: in poverty, or poorness, helping others and loving God

September 7th - St. Cloud: He put himself under the discipline of St. Severinus, a recluse who lived near Paris, and he afterwards went to Nogent on the Seine and had his heritage where is now Saint-Cloud. St. Cloud was indefatigable in instructing the people of the neighboring country, and ended his days at Nogent about the year 560 when he was some thirty-six years old.

April 9th - St. Waldetrudis: Also known as Waltrude or Waudru, she was the daughter of Saints Walbert and Bertilia and sister of St. Aldegunus of Maubeuge. Marrying St. Vincent Madelgarius, she became the mother of saints Landericus, Madalberta, Adeltrudis, and Dentelin. When her husband chose to become a monk about 643 in the monastery of Hautrnont, France, he had founded, she established a convent at Chateaulieu, around which grew up the town of Mons, Belgium.

March 7th - Sts. Perpetua and Felicity: n March 7, 203, St. Perpetua and St. Felicity, along with several male catechumens, were led into an amphitheatre and attacked by wild animals. Though both women were wounded and bloodied, St. Perpetua reached down to help a weakened St. Felicity to her feet. They stood together, side by side, as their throats were cut. St. Perpetua’s last known words were for her brother: "Stand fast in the faith and love one another."

October 16th - St. Gerard Majella: Because of his great piety, extraordinary wisdom, and his gift of reading consciences, he was permitted to counsel communities of religious women.This humble servant of God also had the faculties of levitation and bi-location associated with certain mystics. His charity, obedience, and selfless service as well as his ceaseless mortification for Christ, made him the perfect model of lay brothers.

St. Rita - Saint of impossible causes - Chaplet of St. Rita - O Holy St. Rita, exemplary Augustinian Sister, we honor you for your devotion to the Passion of Christ. Although your early life was filled with disappointment, frustration, and unceasing tragedy, you never lost faith and trust in God. For this you are the patroness of the impossible, and our inspiration and advocate in desperate circumstances. Say 3 Our Fathers, 3 Hail Marys, and 3 Glorias.