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February 16th - St. Gilbert of Sempringham: He was the only Englishman to found a conventual order, mainly because the Abbot of Cîteaux declined his request to assist him in organising a group of women who wanted to live as nuns, living with lay brothers and sisters, in 1148.In the end he founded a double monastery of canons regular and nuns.

For the Least of These: St. Albert Chmielowski - Eugenia Geisel (Retracing My Footsteps in the City of Saints #4)

SAINT ANTHONY MARY CLARET: O God, who for the evangelization of peoples strengthened the Bishop Saint Anthony Mary Claret with admirable charity and long-suffering, grant, through his intercession, that, seeking the things that are yours, we may earnestly devote ourselves to winning our brothers and sisters for Christ. Who lives and reigns with you in the unity of the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

St. Boniface, a monk of Exeter in England, is one of the great figures of the Benedictine Order and of the monastic apostolate in the Middle Ages. Gregory II sent him to preach the Gospel in Germany. He evangelized Hesse, Saxony and Thuringia and became Archbishop of Mainz. He well earned the title of Apostle of Germany, and Catholic Germany in our own times still venerates him as its father in the faith. He was put to death by the Frisians at Dokkum in 754 during the last of his missionary…

Saint Marianne Cope, declared a Saint in October 2012. She was a German-born American who worked with St. Damien with the lepers on Molokai.

October 16th - St. Gerard Majella: Because of his great piety, extraordinary wisdom, and his gift of reading consciences, he was permitted to counsel communities of religious women.This humble servant of God also had the faculties of levitation and bi-location associated with certain mystics. His charity, obedience, and selfless service as well as his ceaseless mortification for Christ, made him the perfect model of lay brothers.

No pressure to be good here: St. Waldetrude's husband, four children, parents, and sister all were canonized as well!

June 17th - St. Joseph Cafasso: Even as a young man, Joseph loved to attend Mass and was known for his humility and fervor in prayer. After his ordination he was assigned to a seminary in Turin. There he worked especially against the spirit of Jansenism, an excessive preoccupation with sin and damnation.

THE SECRETS OF FATIMA By Jim Dunning (This article was originally published in "Irelands Own" magazine. The webmaster would like to gratefully thank the author, Jim Dunning, for his kind permission in reprinting it here.) One wonders whether Our Lady used the word “Secret” because she knew that the three children before her would respect that description as something binding them to silence. Years later, the surviving child, now known as Sister Lucia, was permitted to provide a…