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7 Wonders - I'm one of the few people who really doesn't feel this game at all. I don't see the appeal, and I've played it a few times, and a few more with the Babel expansion, in hopes I'd eventually like it. I'd rather play Elysium (great) or Among the Stars (even greater).

Alchemists - WHAT a brain burner! Our first game took around 4 hours, just trying to figure it all out.. we took a food break and played a SECOND GAME for another 2 hours! As time consuming as this game is, we still get it onto the table as much as we can. The use of the app is great and fun, but the deduction/puzzle solving is my favorite part of all. Highly recommended!

Champions of Midgard - Lightweight for a worker placement game, but sooooo much fun. I do like this much more than Lords of Waterdeep, plus the viking-ish theme is much more appealing to me. I give this a high rating.

Cosmic Encounter - I'm going to sound like a fanboy here, but I have to agree with a lot of people... this is one of the best games ever. I LOVE poker and how you can play the people vs playing your cards... this game lends to that. At some point, you're not really playing the game as much as you are playing with people and personalities. My #1 game so far!

Meet Alvin & Dexter - two detailed monster figures that bring their own special brand of chaos to cities across the Ticket to Ride landscape. Alvin (the Alien) and Dexter (the Dinosaur) are two wacky characters ready to help you stomp opponents and zap tickets in this fun expansion. But don't take them too lightly; they also introduce a devious new tactical layer to the game. The last two players to start get to place the monsters in different cities on any Ticket to Ride map. It doesn't ...