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I like this sketchbook due to the dark colours in the background and the technique used to do this. The background is completely filled using paint in layers. The dark browns and reds make a background for the writtten work - these colours are roughly joined with cool colours which make a detailed water and boat scene. I like the way the writing becomes part of he painting. . The overall effect is breathtaking.

These A2 sketchbook pages show clever and highly original investigations of the organic forms, colours, patterns and textures of a peeled mandarin. This high school sculpture project is a beautiful mix of first-hand sources, artist influence, inventive media exploration, textural discovery and annotation.

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Example for HW Week 1 Produce at least a double page presentation of research on your chosen artist creatively and appropriately, in sketchbooks. Include brief info, at least 4 key inspirational images drawings / paintings from the artists work, in and around the found images, 10 Key words summerising the artist’s work and how you will use it to suit the brief and info/ quotes on the artist themselves

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