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Why do I hate you so much but love you with all of my heart at the same time..........

HA! Belle sang about her books. Ariel sang about being a "Part of your World," Aladdin offered Jasmine escape through "A Whole New World," and Pumba and Timon sang "Hakuna Matata" so we wouldn't have to worry about stuff. I'm sure there's more!


Today they are basically told in school that if your parents touch you it's child abuse not punishment and to call CSD then they get to go in state custody which sure is so much better for them and you get go to jail

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More like FANGIRL POST. I CAN RELATE SO BAAAAAAAD. Hey did you see that last video/post on (...)? person looks at me cluelessly. I'm like O right you don't know about it my best friend who moves to scotland knows about it. I MISS YA GEORGIE :( :( :( :(


"I have good taste, but I don't have the money to prove it." Bahaha, too true. I've always said I have champagne taste on a beer budget.