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HA! Belle sang about her books. Ariel sang about being a "Part of your World," Aladdin offered Jasmine escape through "A Whole New World," and Pumba and Timon sang "Hakuna Matata" so we wouldn't have to worry about stuff. I'm sure there's more!

Today they are basically told in school that if your parents touch you it's child abuse not punishment and to call CSD then they get to go in state custody which sure is so much better for them and you get go to jail

Just had a Superintendent look at my feet, puzzled, this morning. I said, "yeah, I know!! I'm short! Nothing I can do Bout the puddles!!"

all the effort in the world is NOTHING if you're not inspired.I've learned that the greatest lessons are taught in the darkest places and that the few things you would die for, are the reasons you...

Things Teens do and Quotes from different stuffies. We post everything you can relate to in your everyday life & more. Follow us! We kinda describe your life! Business:

Good parenting- sounds about right, with an occaisional "I will try to avert my eyes as you do that horribly dangerous thing that all kids do at one time or another"