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ca. 1860-70’s, [tintype portrait of a man with a rifle seated on a tree stump] via the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, Photography Collection

Samuel Hawken (1792-1884) was a St. Louis gunsmith who, along with his brother Jacob, designed the Hawken rifle, an iconic symbol of the American frontier. Fueled by stories that every fur trader, party, or family heading west was outfitted with one, the rifle reached a legendary status. The Hawken name became synonymous with any plains, mountain, or buffalo rifle. In reality, the number of Hawken guns produced was relatively small, authentic Hawkens are uncommon. Missouri History Museum

Jaeger Rifle - In our Timeline of Sporting Arms at the NRA National Sporting Arms Museum at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Missouri, the story of how America’s rifles have evolved over the years is told. From the Old World’s short jaeger, came the longer “Kentucky” rifle. Our example here musters a .50 caliber bore, a sliding patchbox cover, and has an adjustable set trigger.

Pair of Flint-lock Pistols. Place of creation: Russia. Date: Circa 1800. School: Tula. Material: steel, gold, silver and wood. Technique: forged, carved, chased, engraved, damascened and polished.