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Remember These? 15 Of Our Favorite Childhood Movies From The 80's And 90's

Remember kid, there are Herod and there are legends. Heros get remembered and legends never die. Fallow your heart kid and you will never go wrong Yes Lydia be proud of me

'La La Land' movie - a memorable film, seen on Christmas Day, 2016, with family. "In his first film since 'Whiplash,' Damien Chazelle stages a lavish song-&-dance musical that dares to swoon the old-fashioned way, with Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone as L.A. dreamers." We were thoroughly involved. Thanks.

More than 30 of the best movies to watch with kids.

OMG you don't even know this is my favorite kids movie on planet earth I would watch it every day if I could I also love the second movie they made best kids movie everrrr:)

"42 - The story of Jackie Robinson" Even if you're not a baseball fan, it's a great story to know.

Music speaks (23 photos)

Attention My Home, My Music, My rules door welcome mats drummers drumming drum kits sets drum sticks | Need this rug

Just For Fun

I believe in excepting others for who they are not for what they look like and what race or color you are. I believe that everyone was born the way they were for a reason and everyone should be able to except it. I also believe that we are all gods children and blood doesn't matter its how close you are that matters. Go Titans!