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    'Elements - Fire' by *CassiopeiaArt Digital Art / Photomanipulation "I'm currently working on an element series and so far a couple of them are done. The model for this project is ~Vapala (my sister). This is Fire - I was looking through my stock library for ideas for the Earth element when i stumbled across my solidified lava shots and thought, hey, they can be warm and firey! So I started working on Fire instead and this is the result."

    This is one of my recent quilts which I call "blue dream". It is about 38x100" and seems to stretch up to the sky. I made it by piecing and quilting thin strips of cotton fabric through the batting onto the back. Don't you love all the curves and wispy spirals? The Quilts of Ann Brauer: flames

    My church hung origami prayer doves around a cross, and I think this would be a really neat idea for a dorm.

    Pinterest • The world’s catalogue of ideas