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Beautiful sculpture by blind artist Michael Naranjo.

Bronze Cats Wild and Big Cats sculpture by artist Keith Calder titled: 'Denial (Small Stylised nude Man and Big Cat statue/statuettes/bronze)'

Chuck Baird (February 22, 1947 – February 10, 2012) was an American deaf artist who was one of the more notable founders of the De'VIA art movement, an aesthtic of Deaf Culture in which visual art conveys a deaf worldview. His career spanned over 35 years and included painting, sculpture, acting, storytelling, and teaching.

A series of sculptures based on the popular TV series ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ in…

Western Art & Architecture feature on Michael Naranjo.

A remarkable student at Pueblo South High School is creating a work of art and he's doing it all without his sight.For the past month, a blind student has been working on a sculpture of his own fac...

Bronze Figurative Abstract Modern or Contemporary #sculpture by #sculptor Plamen Dimitrov titled: 'Happy day' #art

Deaf Artists in American History

The first deaf artists in America back during the through the early were usually painting portraits of American settlers in an attempt to be recognized in the new world. They usually painted in the style of English artists since there...

betty g miller deaf artist