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Ghugni chaat | indian street food

Ghugni Chaat is a popularl street food from India. Made of dried peas, an ultimate “healthy snack idea” as well as a perfect curry to go with most breads.


Mommy's Kitchen - KURKURE CHAPATI CHAT - 9th September 2016 - మమ్మీస్ కిచెన్ – Full Episode - YouTube

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Punjabi chole masala

I think I fancy trying this chana masala recipe some time if I can get all the spices!


Chapati: Illustrations // Les chats de Pepe Shimada


The Sawant's Kitchen - Chapati Chat

Caitlin Moran chats with the Rumpus Book Club about how Wolverhampton has changed over the years, the forthcoming film version of her new novel How to Build a Girl, chapatis, and how Blur hogs the ...

Koroga is a Swahili word with means 'stir'. Chicken Koroga is one of those dishes that some Kenyans enjoy, purely because this dish is mostly made and served during outdoor get togethers, whereby everyone sits around and chit chats while cooking or 'stirring' the curry. Once cooked, it is served with rice or chapatis or bread, whatever is conveniently available. The entire cooking process evokes a sense of bonding and familiarity and there is no one perfect way for making this dish. Here is…

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Paneer Kathi Rolls

Freshly prepared Indian chapati stuffed with green chutney, lettuce and sauteed #Kadaipaneer. Yum and delicious Kolkata Specialty!! #kathirolls #katirolls


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