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9 One Liners About #India Which Are Sad But Completely #True

9 One Liners About Which Are Sad But Completely

Scorpio Fact #2

ZODIAC SCORPIO FACTS - Scorpio think more than they speak and have the sharp ability to distinguish between truth and lies.


The same amount of time I will love you.The woman who loves the Scorpio Man will echo these words instantly! My husband and I are both Scorpios. So even more love than love itself!

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well i certainly think so, though, it's not as if he was going anywhere, lol. he has his lock on my heart, and he means to keep it. - What a nice sentence. i should find a Scorpio guy 😁


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When we angry ....WE ANGRY....our tongues escape prison and start mudering hearts and minds....in the ens our tongues surrender and feel guilty. ....

Scorpios are truth sayers. If their words hurt you, perhaps it's because you don't like the truth about yourself.


I'll take responsibility if it's my fault. Now quit being a wimp and own up to your actions. Oh so true! Quit playing the freaking victim and for a pair!