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You can accomplish any goal.

they are just diminishing you from being that awesome person you could be

Quotes About Taking Chances : QUOTATION – Image : Quotes Of the day – Description "Don't let the noise of others opinions drown out your own inner voice." -Steve Jobs Sharing is Power – Don’t forget to share this quote !

Live a "want to" life, not a "have to" life. #life #live #tipoftheday

Live a "want to" life, not a "have to" life. #life #live #tipoftheday

#Tipoftheday: Live your life fearlessly.

Live your life fearlessly.

#Tip: Live a "want to" #life, not a "have to" life.

#Tip: Live a "want to" #life, not a "have to" life.

.Wow :(  I completely can understand this. We all have these days where things just don't make sense & our hearts hurt and we just can't breath.  All i know is to walk by Faith

Sometimes I get so sad that it's hard to breathe. Tell me how do you expect me to talk about my demons when they're sitting on my lungs.

We all get it

it's real. the fear of wasting a great outfit on an insignificant day.

I'm a mother and grandmother as well...

I'm fine. I'm a teenager pushing her tears aside, I'm the girl sitting next to you. I'm the one asking you to care. Your your best friend hoping you'll be there.

This explains me... I just wanted to say I am sorry for yesterday... I had a not so good day... I felt so down/depressed and useless... The words that boys told me where haunting me and i was hurt and confused... I'm sorry. You guys are amazing and thanks for the sweet words.  I love you all!

She is me. depressed depression suicidal suicide pain Personal help self harm self hate cutter cutting cuts sh scars secret