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The idea here was to show Jane inadvertently appearing as though she is a witch casting a spell. The gesture is really her protecting herself but it could appear as if she was manipulating the horse.

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Happy 200th birthday Charlotte Brontë: illustrating Jane Eyre – in pictures

This is the moment that Jane is punished by Mr Brocklehurst in front of the class, demonised to stand over a stool for hours. I saw Jane as a stylite: the stool is turned almost into a column, where she learns the prayers and penance. The concept has been taken from Fra Angelico’s fresco The Mocking of Christ: I used his technique to represent the punishments that Lowood Institute gave to their sheltered girls. The bad food, the scourges with the bundle of twigs, the censorship represented…

Jane Eyre illustration by Anna & Elena Balbusso.

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Jane Eyre Banner - Set II - Victorian - Classic Literature - Black and White Woodcut

Chapter 6: Jane becomes closer and closer to Helen. Helen being very religious, pushes religion onto Jane who seems to be uninterested. Together the girls learn more and more about the school.

"I saw a blackened ruin" (B. S. Greig, 1893) JANE EYRE