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Archangel Sandalphon by on @deviantart I am the Archangel Sandalphon My name means "Brother" I am the Angel of Prayer and the Master of Heavenly Song I am the twin brother of the Archangel Metatron I am the Patron Angel of music I bring to mankind, from God, the Gift of Music. I counsel you to remember that of all God’s creations man is the only one with the ability to make music. Make music to praise the Lord! Show your appreciation for this wondrous ability.

I HAVE influenced a many. I am raising awareness to All of what it is like to get rid of negative ppl in ones life as that makes a Big difference.: Part of the Enlightenment Process.

Archangel Sandalphon Ruling angel and protector of earth and a master of music and prayer. Sandalphon figures prominently in the mystical literary traditions of Rabbinic Judaism and and early Christianity. He is said to be one of the tallest angels. He is the twin brother of Metatron. They are the only archangels to have lived as mortal men, Sandalphon as the prophet Elijah, and Metatron as the prophet Enoch.

Raphael is the name of an archangel in the Abrahamic religions. In Christianity and Judaism, Raphael is known to perform acts of healing.

Archangel Uriel... I love this archangel as well as all of them but I work with this one a lot and Archangel Michael, Zadikiel, Jophiel, Gabriel, Raziel, Haniel and Sandalphon I work with most :) ( so far :) )

Archangel Sandalphon - "Righteousness of God" Will help us with clarity, forgiveness and new ideas. He also assists with emotional healing. He works on the rays of transmutation (change from one form/state to another). Place all your troubles and difficult relationships within his flame so that all negativity is transmuted into positive vibrations. Crystal affinity: Lapis Lazuli.

The touch of an infinite energy passes through the trivial and the familiar, causing my soul to feel joy and bliss like never before.

Archangel Sandalphon Aura colour – Turqoise Sandalphon, like Metatron, once lived on earth as the prophet Elijah. He is the main messenger between God and earth, delivering your prayers to God and bringing back the answers. He is also the angel of music, creating beautiful celestial music and assisting musicians.