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Pom Pom Yarn Bomb... we learnt all about yarn bombing and off loom weaving at an inspirational CSM workshop .


Yarnbombing – 65 Yarnbombed Trees Ruttopuisto Park , Helsinki , Finland---OOo I love this one!

Self-taught artist Sebastien Preschoux. A prism I-wonder-what-material?

Sebastien Preschoux - Color Theory, 2009 This is so stunning.

Fence yarnbomb - for the beginners out there, this seems like a good way to start yarnbombing!

Fence yarnbomb - Well, even I could do this! I shall make two - green with red heart and green with yellow tennis ball - for tennis court fence!

Yarn bomb artist Emma Leith

Ten tips for a successful yarn bomb.

Yarn Bombing in Greece, beautiful!

Yarn Bombing ideas - photo taken in Greece, beautiful!

An artist in paris, france decided to knit sidewalk cracks together, knit sweaters for trees, & some other stuff... | Local Social

knitted sidewalk cracks by juliana santacruz herrera (paris, france).