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Among all the craziness of renovating our kitchen I have been working on decluttering and organizing the rest of my house. One of the places that needs major help is my crafting space. Any of you who have craft supplies knows how this stuff multiplies. There are lots of itty bitty pieces, etc.  One thing …

Ribbon Storage and Organization

Good method for storing ribbon. I have a similar storage method I will have to post pictures of.

Just finished organizing all my ribbons they used to be on ribbon rings which I LOVED until I adopted two kitties and the ribbons were thrown into a drawer well now they re all coiled on chunks of foam core board and stashed neatly in these plastic drawer

By Paula Biggs Hi, my name is Paula and I have a ribbon problem. A BIG one. Like six-boxes-of-ribbon-up-on-my-shelf kind of big. Every time I do a project,

Project: Ribbons of Organization

If you are looking for some very clever ideas on how to get your ribbon organized then check out today's collection of Ribbon Organizer DIY Projects!

really like this idea v/s the dowel rod. this would keep them from unrolling and take up a lot let space.  plus i like the idea of grouping them together so you need only pull out one 'sleeve' when you need it.

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