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Grey's Anatomy - Alex: Yang left me her shares, her board seat and she left me you, too. If you need someone to bitch to, and just be . Meredith: my person? Alex: I don't know what you mean. Meredith: But you do.

Grey's anatomy

Alex Karev: You can be mine. Alex: I mean, Mer's got enough to take care of. Cristina: You want extraordinary measures or should I just unplug you? Alex: Use your judgement.

We didn't give up on you

"People change, but they don't change. Maybe Jo's crazy fits your crazy. Don't give up on her just yet. We didn't give up on you." Meredith to Alex.


Cristina: Ask anyone. We're close. Yang and my wife sometimes have sleepovers, in my bed, with me in it. Grey's Anatomy quotes<<<t'is a very worthy best friend goal lol