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Sherlock Holmes: An extraordinary brain that hides a pretty good heart. ----John Watson: An extraordinary heart that hides a pretty good brain. So true though


This wasn't in the Job Description. The Hobbit Sherlock

Ben and martin

Funny pictures about An adorable picture. Oh, and cool pics about An adorable picture. Also, An adorable picture.

For the Sherlock fans out there...

For the Sherlock fans out there…

Cumberbatch And The Bear Necessities

today’s announcement that Benedict will be voicing Shere Khan in Andy Serkis’ upcoming film ‘The Jungle Book’, this is just so much funnier. Now Benedict will have played Sherlock, Khan, and Shere Khan!

I'm gonna start doing this cus honestly that smile is easy more intimidating than shouting at someone

Sherlock: "I love the fact that when John is pissed off, like REALLY REALLY ANGRY, he smiles. He just smiles. A murderous smile."--that smile is the last thing you see before you die

Glad I'm not the only one who pulls faces like these...

my pin is cooler then your pin, LIV! Hmmm, sorry not quite. (Sherlock bbc is really a show about epic facial expressions)


In a Sign of Four they literally were looking for a dwarf because he would have to be small enough to go through the window and such. <<<< *sign of THREE, and it was a joke about the dwarf?


true story<< I think the fact that it has less than ten episodes is why it ruins your life