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Life-size bronze portraits of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy with their dog 'Laughing Gravy' sited in Stan's birthplace Ulverston, Cumbria, UK. Commissioned by The Sons of the Desert and unveiled in 2009


Jenny Saville Exhibition (Modern Art Oxford)

iheartmyart:Jenny Saville, Mother & Daughter Drawings, more on:♥ iheartmyart | facebook | twitter | instagram | flickr | mail list | pntrst | sndcldSee more work by Jenny Saville on iheartmyart.See more drawing on iheartmyart.______(via angrywhistler)

La Vie by Kenji Yoshida (Interesting. When I found this painting my first thought was: as a child this had been my most beloved treasure! (comment by wabi sabi chawan))

The Spirit of Flight, the force responsible for the powers of movement of the wind and air, has gathered around her all the flying things she loves. Birds, insects, flying fish, swirling leaves, seeds of dandelions and sycamore trees, butterflies and fairies all dance around her in a grand array of wild free motion.