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DIY Leadership Development | Stanford Social Innovation Review: Specifically, the center advocates a leadership development model comprised of 70 percent on-the-job learning (or stretch assignments), 20 percent coaching and mentoring, and 10 percent formal training.

Social Problems Drive and Determine the Nature of Social Innovation

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Social Innovation Summit 2013: To Read, To Connect, To Affirm

I found Hasbro's Alan Hassenfeld sense of humor refreshing, "if you think you are too small for making impact, you have never been in bed with a mosquito." Surely the sting of your curiosity has more bite. Read more about my experience at Social Innovation Summit stay current

The secret algorithm of women social innovators

Women's enormous capacity for adapting themselves and making the best of limited resources makes them a natural fit for social enterprises, says Servane Mouazan

Generation Flux's Secret Weapon

To make money, focus beyond money. Call for radical management (in words of @SteveDenning) @RSafian #2030Now #GenFlux

Prototyping our future

Prototyping our future Prototyping Our Future: Social Labs For A Sustainable, Regenerative, & Thriving Future This guidebook explores how Social Labs can be designed in order to catalyze systemic innovation while contributing to socio-ecological sustainability, and providing forums for collaboration, collective impact, capacity building, and the emergence of systemic solutions to complex challenges. This research takes a pulse of practices and trends in the fields of sustainability…