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Cable Car and Bay Bridge

Where little Cable Cars climb halfway to the stars. your golden sun will shine for me. I left my heart in, San Francisco ." We did leave our hearts there Dad, we never should have moved. Miss you Dad xox. Cable Car and Bay Bridge, San Francisco, CA

Golden Gate Bridge San Francisco, California

The fog here is magical ,and amazing to watch>>>>Golden Gate Bridge, San Fransico, California

#ridecolorfully San Francisco

San Francisco - streets so steep you feel like you're swallowing your heart. Love this place.

Beautiful Golden Gate

What City Should You Live In?

Done ✔ Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco, California. Yes, it really is this beautiful. I live here and it still amazes every time I drive on it. A beautiful bridge in a beautiful city.

Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA travel

One of the best things about San Francisco was the fog; never seen the likes anywhere else. I called it "living fog".