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Well I mean after abandoning his son to be young again and entrapping is grandson in Neverland for centuries it seemed like the next logical step

Doll head with hair in the window sill of an abandoned mental health building in New Mexico. ~

Old Oil Lamp in Window by Sergey Konovalov - Pixdaus

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From the window I could see them marching over the marshland, eyes set straight ahead, looking right at the window where I stood, and before I could run they started firing their guns rapidly in my direction with the knowledge that I was hiding in here, this abandoned house. The corridor was empty but I could hear them breaking the door down. I had to get up the stairs, but that that was the way they would come, for the door was directly at the bottom of the spiral staircase... (copyright…

from Luscious:

INSPIRED BY THE BRITISH EMPIRE: Colonial-inspired house and interior design

old books on the window sill

Rustic old window....would love to clean up this setting ...I like pristine rustic