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Are You Practicing Financial Redundancy? - The Prepper Journal

The only thing certain about startups is the uncertainty. The vast majority of founders will fail their first time around, but why?

You have 36 Hours to Keep Your Family Safe: What do you do? » The Homestead Survival

The Prepper Journal website shares a a deeply insightful and thought provoking article addressing the tough issue of " if you had a 36 hour warning that a

Editor’s Note: This article has been generously contributed by Egbert who joins the ranks of very experienced professionals who have written guest posts that serve to share their knowledge with the rest of the Prepping community. If you find yourself … Continue reading →

How to Overcome the Paralysis of Fear - The Prepper Journal

Top 5 – Five Gallon Bucket Ideas

five gallon bucket ideas, I pulled five here to share with you. When food is taken care of these five gallon bucket ideas could help you out if the grid goe

How to Maximize Crop Yields - The Prepper Journal

Food security is already a worry for many of those countries that are striving to meet today’s demands, and the development of new preservation methods that will play an important role in the future is becoming essential

Cómo adaptar una casa para personas mayores

on the possibility some face in bugging out with someone who has dementia. Her article brings a world of new problems some preppers

Lessons Learned: From Coupons to Prepping - The Prepper Journal

I use coupons all the time and I am stockpiling so that my family has food later. I am stocking up to barter but most of the items I got free or for hardly anything.

minimalist prepper is pretty interesting and, in what follows, I want to dig into it a little.First off, what is being a minimalist about? See, the more th

How to Be a Minimalist Prepper - The Prepper Journal

Do More Than One Stinking Pull-Up - The Prepper Journal

I knew I was fat. And looking at that bar, I knew there was no way I was going to be able to pull up my pudgy body with my wimpy arms

The End of Your World As You Know It - The Prepper Journal

iHeart - Wake up.