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Tips for enjoying treats without overeating: Instead, believe about weight loss as a long-term way of life modification-- a commitment to change high-calorie foods with healthier, lower-calorie alternatives, lower your portion sizes, and end up being more

6 Steps You Can Take to Stop Worrying for Good

Quote on anxiety: Worrying is like walking around with an umbrella waiting for it to rain. So true

I knew my little brother suffered from depression for years but I never thought it would take him to such depths that he would actually take his own life. I should have heard it in his voice I should have seen it in his eyes and I should have seen it in his poetry that he wrote to me. I will miss his smile and his cute button nose for the rest of my life #TheSunShinesBrighterBecauseHeWasHere ❤

Tangerine and Strawberry Infused Water Recipe

I struggle with this on a daily basis! Love this quote:) #Idontcarewhatyouthinkaboutme

You can still join today's Healing Journey call

Interrupt Anxiety with Gratitude WILD WOMAN SISTERHOOD™ #gratitude #wildwomangratitude #wildwomansisterhood

Sarah you can kick rocks!! I'm fed up with your anger. You are so vulgar and angry and I cannot stand it anymore. If you want to hold a garage go ahead. I'm tired of proving my good to you and you don't see it. Constantly trying to defend myself from attacks from you and your family.