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#48 "It’s humbling to seek advice, to raise our hands, to admit we need help. Yet that’s what God calls smart."

#12 "The world may or may not call you attractive. God calls you beautiful. God calls you His."

#29 "Whatever we may think is right, God calls us to “remember” (GNT) that his opinion is the one that truly matters."

#25 "God is calling us to notice those in need, to listen to them, care about them, feed them, shelter them, educate them, guide them, and above all, speak up for them."

#19 "Purpose tells us this is not a whim, not a passing notion. God isn’t capricious. Everything He does is according to His will."

#50 "Knowledge is power, all right—the power of God, the One who knows everything."

#23 "God is asking us to trust our tomorrows to Him. To embrace the promises in His Word."

#4 "When we become parents, the word trust takes on a whole new meaning."