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Post-It Monster

Edward Gorey is one of my favorite artists. What if he had illustrated Lovecraft's stories or created artwork with Lovecraftian themes? The art of John Kenn Mortensen might be the result.

by Victo Ngai

The most awesome images on the Internet

‘Utopia’ by Victor Ngai. - This image shows a common reaction to the idea of Utopia, mistrust. Apparently the thought of Utopia is too good to be true: there is no such thing as a free lunch, apparently.

Monsters by CreatureBox:

Descriptive Writing Prompt: PIck ONE monster. Begin a descriptive response: "Yesterday I found the most _______creature! I wish I would have had my camera with me, but I didn't. This creature. (describe the creature in detail) Read to partner, guess w

I think I saw Don Kenn's art somewhere in the UTJTiverse but just in case this is for you @Bree Ogden.

Monster Drawings Danish artist John Kenn spends his time writing and directing television, and raising kids, but manages to draw a portfolio full of elaborate and eerie monsters on Post-It notes. (via form is void) magpie & whiskeyjack: Monster Drawings

Parliament of monsters

What This Guy Does Using Just Post-It Notes Is Terrifying. Artist Don Kenn opens a window to a different world when he draws monsters on post-it notes.

John Kenn Mortenson

creatures Monster Art- is this TOO creepy for beans room? maybe as part of a collection above the crib? and not big enough to just scream "BIG SCARY TREE MONSTER!

What a Lovely Bloodflow - Monster!Carm

What a Lovely Bloodflow – Thank you carmillaseries, natvanlis, and adamantred for being such an inspiration!

Water Monster

Tom Gauld’s awesome “Lake Monster” has been one of our favourite monsters ever since we first saw it in the Beasts! book published by Fantagraphics back in (By the way, if you like monsters and.