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[Picture/Media] BTS at 2016 BTS LIVE ‘화양연화 On Stage:Epilogue’ in Manila [160730]

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Teaser revealed!!!! Ack!!!!!! Are you joking~~~ ㅋㅋ I’m hurting too much because of you !!! It’s cool oh yeah there isn’t much time left!!! Everyone I’ll show you a side that isn’t joking around :) And with that in mind, I’ll post a pic cutie the best

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A blog dedicated to the talented rapper and dancer of Bangtan Boys, Jhope. Here you will find the latest news and updates regarding him. We hope to share the happiness that he brings us, with you all.

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BTS. Watching kdramas and movies, when they show a wise shot of the Seoul skyline, I sometimes wonder how many other idols, biases and famous people are somewhere within that vast view at the moment.. Anyone else do that?

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[SKTelecom/BLOG] 160315 #BTS #방탄소년단 @ Behind the Scenes #BTSxJessi CF #JHOPE

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J-Hope ❤ [Bangtan Trans Tweet] 도쿄 !!!!!! 오늘 진짜 아리가또 고자이마스다잉~~~~ 그리고 화양연화 잊지 않을꺼에요 사랑합니다 / Tokyo!!!!!! Really thank you for today~~~~ Also I'm not gonna forget HYYH. I love you #BTS #방탄소년단