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Adam Brown, Aidan Turner, and Dead O'Gorman on singing in The Hobbit. // "Hahaha, Aidan's face in that top frame!! He and Dean look like two kids that were pulled off the playground and made to sit still and talk, while Adam just happily sits there like the natty little Englishman that he is!"

(gif) Aww! Haha even they get each other mixed up! XD they crack me up!! Poor Aiden can't remember his own name...

I love the fact that you can see them trying not to crack up. Their facial expressions make so much more sense now!

Dean O'Gorman and Aidan Turner...they're so funny X)

Dean and Stephen Hunter -

This is great, but whoever made this caught them with the funniest expressions on their faces! ~ DOS Cast and Characters

What they look like to me: Dean O'Gorman... hot!! Richard Armitage... classy!! Aiden Turner... lost his job and drinks like a fish and can't really remember what happened over the past 4-5 years...

Aidan Turner, why? he literally seems like all he did on this whole franchise was have as much fun as possible. Awesome.

Aidan being mean to Dean ha ha ! -- Dean calling Aidan "Aids" OMG (why I found that so cute XD)