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Great infographic! Thinking of making a short film? Don’t know where to start? You needn’t look anywhere else. This infographic explains everything :-). #jamuura #resources #shortfilm #infographic - Article Topics: Focus on One Core Idea, Scope Your Story, Who is the Protagonist?, Define Your Genre, Define the Tone and Style, Know Your Antagonist, Decide on the Point of View, Focus on the Central Question, Weaving the Plot, Reconstructing the Plot, Identifying the Theme...

7 Simple Secrets on How to Make a Short Film Demystified

Timothy Cooper gives seven great tips on how to direct a short film that will get you noticed and appeal to an audience.

Short film competitions and how to win them

Short film competitions...I am not a filmmaker, I am a writer. Just like there are film competitions, there are writing competitions. Sending this information out for all of you aspiring screenwriters or filmmakers

7 Simple Secrets on How to Make a Short Film Demystified

Learn how to make a short film the right way by avoiding these common short film mistakes in this exclusive FREE eBook!


A short movie for kids teaching growth mindset - with a corresponding lesson plan