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Seriously, check out this step-by-step creation of an amazing Totoro costume! It looks so silly when they're building it but it comes out perfect.

from BuzzFeed

Which Classic "Star Wars" Character Are You?

Which Classic “Star Wars” Character Are You? You got: Darth Vader One of the most feared and greatest villains of all time. You’re a strategic Jedi mastermind in command of the evil empire, but you’re respected by your soldiers because you love doing the dirty work yourself. Don’t throw too many wookies today, and don’t breathe so loudly. But go on with your bad self and destroy as many planets as you like, as long as you leave Earth alone.


Mjolnir Mk. V (Pepakura Halo Armour)

Pepakura Halo Armor how to. Resources, Tools, and Materials for your Pepakura at