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DIY Jon Snow Costume from Game of Thrones

Any Jon Snow costume should include a cloak with a fur collar. See below for tips on how to create your own costume!

#JonSnow #GameOfThrones costume: Replica peascod. This is the official replica of the piece Jon wears with his Night's Watch uniform. Find it by following the link:

Game of Thrones Arya Stark costume/ dress custom made to your size

#JonSnow #GameOfThrones costume: Cape of the North. This is the official HBO cape replica. He's seen wearing this BEFORE the Night's Watch Find it by following the link:

A staple in 1970s homes, a vintage barrel stand is easily repurposed into a ghost Halloween candy bowl stand- without doing anything permanent!

Game of Thrones costume pics, courtesy of peddler_creates on Flicker: