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Wow, pinecone prints in clay really do look like #Christmas trees. How about trying this out on different materials like #plaster? Keep it plain or add some paint and you have a pretty little #ornament :)

Nature inspired craft - Pine Cone Weaving

I’m so excited to have a guest on Rainy Day Mum today with a great little craft that would be perfect for some quick and simple tree ornaments as well. So I’m now handing over to Emma from My Little 3 and Me. Hi, I’m Emma from My Little 3 and Me and I...Read More »

Pinecone elves. I think instead of gluegunning the wooden bead on top, we could thread a pipecleaner through the bead bit and attach to cone. You could then hide the pipecleaner with the hat and scarf.

Winter Pinecone Friends Mice - Eclectic Christmas Ornaments This website also has many more pinecone decoration ideas!

So tiny and sweet, these wee pine cone elves measure not much more than 2 and can be used to decorate your tree, a special package, or any other spot in your home that needs a touch of whimsical magic. Made by hand, each elf is slightly different. Sold in sets of three -- please specify if you would like green, red, or white, or a mix of all three colors. Thanks for looking :) To see the other items in my Christmas collection, click here…

37 Creative DIY Pine Cone Decoration Ideas

Around this time of year Pine cone decorations are very popular, fall is a beautiful time for crisp orange, red and yellow leaves falling off our trees, the full moon is glowing brightly in the night sky and the days are getting shorter as winter comes closer.