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dear god....

Spiritual Inspiration-"Dear God, help me to put aside the things that are breaking my heart, to pray about things that break yours.

Great article on parenting and the importance of leading by example.

Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God, might not be something you do, but someone you raise. - Andy Stanley What an amazing, wonderful and humbling thought!

Thank You for Another Day to Start Over

Dear God, I know that I'm not perfect, I know sometimes I forget to pray. I know I have questioned my faith, I know sometimes I lose my temper, but thank You for loving me unconditionally and giving me another day to start over again.

Upon waking in the morning, talk to God and see how much better your day goes from there! #giveittoGod

The secret to a happy life is giving God the first part of your day, the first priority to every decision and the first place in your heart. ~ God is Heart

Daily Grace...1

Have faith and praise Jesus no matter what! Thank you God I love you so much I'm believing

Dear God please give me the courage and grace to overcome the obstacles I face today. Please be glorified through me.  Amen

Dear God, please give me the courage grace to overcome the obstacles I face today. Please be glorified through me.

Because if our children know and love God, all the other stuff will fall into place! #faith

Sunday Quotes

Our children - "our goal is for them to love a great God." David Platt Don't sweat or fret the little things. What really matters? That our kids love God with all their hearts.

Jesus is King

Thank GOD this is true. We've never needed more hope than we as a nation do now. Our current president is such a disgrace and embarrassment. GOD please be with us. MB No matter who is president, Jesus is King.