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the disrespect

In case you haven't noticed, i love all the boys, but Louis is my sweet spot, so there will be plenty of Louis pictures

One Direction News on

Some things never change

Louis Tomlinson #Louisappreciationday

Louis shirtless soccer GIF!

If anybody is being rude here it's the paparazzi! And I'm not just saying that bc he's part of 1D! Don't get all mad bc he's being rude when you're all up in his personal bubble acting obnoxious and disrespectful! How would you feel if you had people taking your photo 24/7 and asking you questions they had no business wouldn't be happy! soooo STFU!!! -madison ford

Shirtless Louis; how good would he look in crop tops though *heart eye emoji*

Rude and disrespectful. Stop hurting my feelings with your face<<<i agree

Louis Stop being so dang cute i was on tumblr and i figured out a girl smacked louis butt... how disrespectful can people be!! poor louis i would be mad as well