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It is our duty as feminists to protect and respect women in Hijabs. http://narwhal-noir.tumblr.com/post/157068250407/geekandmisandry-d6-da-maniac

It is our duty as feminists to protect and respect women in Hijabs. <--- lemme add to this real quick. It is our duty as PEOPLE to protect them. Not just as feminists, but as human beings

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it calls out the myths about feminism, and makes sure to include all women- and their ability to choose. I hate to hear someone say they're not a feminist because they aren't man haters. Being a feminist doesn't mean you hate men.

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A short checklist on the first methods to use to address depressive feelings. offered his personal therapeutic commentary.

okay i hope/think i'll never have to use this but it's interesting so

What to do if you suddenly find yourself homeless ^^ Wowow I can run away with these items im already a YMCA member woo

Let's get something fucking clear

Let's get something fucking clear

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Yes! (It's weird that when I click on this pin to see similar pins, most of them are from sexism-deniers & racism-deniers.  My feminism is based on the tenant that women are people.  Not saints.  Not superheroes.  People.  Some women are saints.  And some women are abusers or assholes.)

Feminism is about equality, Misandry is about women being superior to men! Let's go feminism<<< no it’s not. Feminism is about women and men being E Q U A L. It’s not women being higher than men.