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1930 In August at the Lambeth Conference, the Episcopal Church is the first denomination to approve limited contraception for the purpose of controlling family size.

The typical use for Gynol II vaginal contraception is to use for prevention of pregnancy with a diaphragm. The vaginal contraception is a jelly that is applied to the cup of the diaphragm no more then six hours prior to intercourse. The advantage is that it allows the woman to protect herself. The disadvantages is that it is for a one time use only, so additional applicators are needed for more then one use. Sold over the counter. contraception day

1840 - 1873 Contraceptives and potions to cause miscarriage or “bringing down the menses” are openly, but euphemistically, advertised in the US.


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World Contraception Day #worldcontraceptionday Dzisiaj jest Światowy dzień antykoncepcji:)) contraception day

Happy World Contraception Day! 🎈🎉🎈 Check out the full video by clicking the link in our bio. #wcd2016 #worldcontraceptionday #worldcontraceptionday2016 #🎈#🎉 #youth #teenager #girl #boy #colors #confetti

On World Contraception Day we're supporting the mission to raise awareness about contraception and safe sex. We're training health workers to support patients to make informed decisions about pregnancy and their sexual health. #wcd2016 #globalhealth #contraception (Photo: Sexual health class at Kambia District Hospital, Sierra Leone. By @timbekir )