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Tokyo Ghoul | Kaneki Ken

This is my phone wallpaper because it was used in the White Silence song video…

「紅楼夢はおやすみです(絵全然関係ない)」/「月兵@紅楼夢欠席」のイラスト [pixiv]

White haired maid girl She is beautiful dont you think?

Eliya, Selwë's beloved daughter and only child

Elips, spirit of hope, reduced being of power in Malchoir.

Drax stared up at her father's tomb, his marble image looking down at her. And like always, she wished those eyes could see her and what she had become. And once again, she wondered if he would be proud.

Immagine di anime, anime girl, and art

"You can't stop us. You don't have a city, a civilization, or an army. You have nothing against us. You have to be part of us now." Rhys said in a horrid matter.  I began to feel like i was nothing to this world. Tears streamed down my pale face.

So young, so sad, anime girl, white hair, red eyes.

Anime girl silver or white hair - arabian clothes

Anime girl silver or white hair - arabian clothes

Imagen de anime girl, art, and beautiful

Imagen de anime girl, art, and beautiful

This is Lana, she is a prisoner inside HYDRA and has been living there her whole life. They have made her life a living hell until it fell.  ADOPTED BY ME

This is Lana. She had snow hair and rain blue eyes. She is outspoken and courageous person who is trapped in a world of madness and nearly loses her sanity. Adria, as well took her past away and is actually doing better. She is the daughter of Ares.

Jacob. 18. Shy, kind, and doesn't have many friends. He likes to read and draw. Even though he looks tough from the tattoos he is really just a big teddy bear that likes to hug

Xavier // 19 // Calm serious collected hates those that hurt girls protective // modeling

anime girl white hair

Sugar-what _zzZ photo - Micro album