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Before you head overseas for your end-of-year vacation, you’ll need money. And of course, you’ll head to the nearest money changer to exchange your hard-earned Singapore Dollars into the currency of your destination country. Smart travellers always do this in advance, because they know two th

In an article titled "Nigeria's Economy needs Visionary Leadership" International business website Bloomberg said President Buharis rigid leadership style is making Nigeria's economic problems harder to solve. Read the article which was published today below.Africa and the world cannot afford a failing economy in the continents most populous nation. Yet that is exactly what Nigeria might be getting: Its economy is on track to shrink by1.7 percent this year the official unemployment rate has…

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Best Online Personal Loans

The Best Online Personal Loans If youre thinking about taking out a personal loan youre in good company: CNBC reported in February 2016 that the number of people taking out unsecured loans jumped close to 30 percent in recent years from 10.57 million in 2013 to 13.72 million in 2015 and another 24 million Americans are likely to take out a personal loan this year alone. Youre also making a good financial move. (Yes really!) But when youre looking for a loan online youre faced with an…