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genuine Italian gelato

Classic Italian Icons Covered In 60 Seconds: Rome, Florence & Pisa

Italian Street

One of the works by Raymond Yang that inspire us to do something nice in Hope you like it. Also you can submit your own projects to the gallery.

Peach Melba at Italy Alberobello

Italian Roadtrip: Alberobello To Perugia

It was 2001. I was 20 years old and Italy was cheese pizza and the occasional pasta. The food was an absolute let down after my love of everything Italian had brought me so far. Italy was still by far my most favourite place in the world, but its food was dreadful.

You Haven’t Eaten Real Italian Food Until You Have Eaten This

Arancini Balls - Probably one of the best rice balls I’ve ever tasted.

#Carrabba's #Italian #Grill #Restaurant

#Carrabba's #Italian #Grill #Restaurant

Brown Bear - Two Mile House

5 Great Places To Eat In Ireland & 1 Dish You Shouldn’t