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Potter vs Jackson Part 7. Draco and Piper (another weird pair, oh well).

What's your classes? Mine are Avengers, Potter, Supernatural and Doctor Who :)

Sonic Wand - Harry Potter's wand meets Doctor Who's sonic screwdriver (WAAAANT)

Supernatural and Harry Potter

This quote takes on a whole new meaning when placed in context of a different fandom.


Mandie on

Yes, a "Sherlock/Dr. Strange"crossover. It was inevitable! And damn funny!!!

from Etsy


This thing... I like it.

ITS THE TARDIS IN THE AVENGERS AGE OF ULTRON TRAILER! -- Oh my word. Doctor Who is spreading to the Avengers Universe. // "Hm. Strange, usually aliens attack London don't they?" // "Must have made the wrong turn Doctor." // "Ah well. Oh look there goes Steven Rogers. Good chap, knew Peggy, my old traveling companion."