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Is a randoms person for why and how the poem is related to things. May be helpful but to open your eyes to things you have not though about.

Talks about before he died being famous but not as greatly until after his death. Gives details that caused his success even after the grave.

Has a descriptive way to show the meaning of the poem. Gives some detail about the author.

Breaks down some of the meaning of sentences and relating them to the time they were used.

Shows the theme of the story and breaks down some of the more difficult deeper meanings that is included in the poem.

Grass carl sandburg essay not going to be very useful other than to see someone else perspective on this poem.

This goes into how it really is poetry through its structure. Talks about key details that cause this to be a good poem in structure and meaning,

The themes for the poem are; -The war. The grass covered the deaths of the people. -People forgot the lessons of history. -people forgot the fallen heroes of the soldiers -Nature does what it does, it doesn't care about what humans do.

Carl Sandburg - Poetry Foundation Tells a story about what he did the other time that he wasnt writting poems. Helps to get to know him

Carl Sandburg (1878-1967) Even more information about the life of the author. Shows his individual achievements over time and background information before he was a poet.