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You admit that you were semi-terrified of having your first kiss. | 11 Daily Struggles Of Dating A Fully-Bearded Man

11 Daily Struggles Of Dating A Fully-Bearded Man

Funny Beard Quote: Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic, you don't mind going through a little brush to get there.

The Bearded Feller https://www.beardedfeller.com/

Blitz Motorcycles: Cooler Kings

love me a man with a good head O hair and a vintage bike.

Alexander Kuzmin by Rainman

Set The Perfect Mood With Lightroom Presets From Presetrain Co.

This one is all about that scarf. And also his improbably wind-chiseled hair. But also that scarf.

Jacket, scarf and pocket square. minus the scarf. i just dig this guys hair and beard.

johnny parker fuji pro400h film + mamiya 645AFD

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And that is why my husband has a beard and why I refuse to answer the question, "When are you going to make him cut that off?" and the same reason I cried when he shaved before our wedding.

Perfectly manicured beards are back in style. How do y’all feel about facial hair? Art of Shaving, want the hubby to try again, hasn't since his I think facial hair is hot!


Men with flower beards. it's a whole thing and it's beautiful