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well those are awesome... and you could so easily re-create by painting your stairs black and using a similar styled stencil on each step.

Gwrych Castle Ruins, Abergele, Denbighshire, Wales. In the 1970’s a psychic woman visited Gwrych castle. Whilst there she was drawn to a particular room in the servants quarters, the men’s room. She set off to investigate, but near the servant’s stairs she has an horrific grasping pain in her chest and collapsed. (In 1915 the Butler suffered a fatal heart attack on these stairs.)

Queen Eleanor, announcing her husband's death. The kingdom isn't a patriarchy, it just needs a couple to rule. Usually the remaining partner coronates the new King and queen.

Johannes Gossner | The heart of man: either a temple of God, or a habitation of Satan: represented in ten emblematical figures, calculated to awaken and promote a Christian disposition (1851)

"The feels i get with this scene are overwhelming.....Arthur is in the heat of battle and all gun-ho and then he turns and sees Merlin and he just turns into a little kid. He looks so devastated and just stares for a moment like he isn't even comprehending what he is seeing. He looks so lost and alone in that moment and i just can't even....."